Unknown charge from Stripe

Why does my card statement show a payment to Stripe? I’m not a Stripe user, why did Stripe charge me?

Stripe processes payments for thousands of online merchants, so a charge found on a card statement was most likely made by a merchant that uses Stripe to process their payments.

To search for the Stripe merchant responsible for a charge and their contact information, use our Charge Lookup tool here:

Stripe isn’t able to make changes to orders or process refunds on behalf of businesses using Stripe for their payments. Any requests for help regarding orders or refunds should be directed to the merchant.

If the Charge Lookup tool isn’t returning matching results, let us know.

American Express bank statement delay

American Express cardholders should be aware that there can be a delay in displaying the merchant that created a charge on a bank statement for about 48 hours. In this time, an online statement will temporarily show a pending charge from “Stripe.” Once the charge is completed, it will update with more detailed information about the merchant.

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