Troubleshooting ID upload for identity verification

Stripe may require users to upload a government-issued photo ID and selfie for identity verification via the dashboard. To ensure successful verification, users should capture clear, well-lit images without any obstructions, using a mobile device's camera for better quality.

In some cases, Stripe will require that you provide an image of your photo ID and selfie to confirm your identity. We’ll need to capture an image of your government-issued photo ID, such as a driver's license or passport in your dashboard. Sometimes we’ll also need to capture an image of your face in addition. Please do not email Stripe with images of your Photo ID - this is sensitive information and should only be uploaded through the dashboard.

Before starting the verification process, you’ll need:

The quality of the images captured affects success rates dramatically. Below are a few tips to help ensure that your verification passes:

If for some reason the link to complete ID verification isn’t working, please try the following:

Problems with uploading your ID via mobile phone

If you don’t receive a text message, you can use a QR code instead to access the link. Click on “Other Options” in the top right and select “Barcode Link”. Use your phone’s camera (if QR code detection is supported) or a barcode scanning app of your choice to scan this code and access the link.

Problems with accessing your computer's webcam to photograph your ID

Check that you’ve given Stripe permission to access your webcam -- If you block permissions to your camera, refer to Chrome [chrome://settings/content/camera], Safari, Edge documentation on allowing Stripe to use your webcam.

If you do not have a webcam or are running into issues with your webcam, you can use the camera on your mobile phone by selecting “Other Options” in the upper right corner and choose “switch to another device”. You will be prompted to enter your mobile phone number and Stripe will send a link to your phone to start the process.

Problems with the actual photograph

Problems with uploading an image file

To upload an image file, if not prompted directly, select “Other Options” and select upload images.

Image upload requirements:

If you still have trouble uploading your ID after following the options listed above, please contact Stripe Support.