The Stripe Terminal JavaScript SDK is encountering DNS errors when connecting to an Internet Reader

Note: If you frequently experience connectivity issues caused by DNS issues, we would recommend exploring server-driven integration mode as it uses the Stripe API as the intermediary between the user’s point of sale and the reader.


Some DNS providers block DNS resolution of local IP addresses. You can check whether DNS resolution is successful by going to settings on your reader and selecting Diagnostics, and checking the DNS resolution test results. Stripe Terminal uses the partially qualified domain name *.[random-string], which resolves to the local IP address of your BBPOS WisePOS E or S700. If your DNS provider blocks local IP resolution, change your network settings to use one of the following DNS providers:

Please note that this will only impact the Stripe Terminal JavaScript SDK, so if you are using the server-driven integration or any of our mobile SDKs (Android, iOS, React Native) to communicate with our smart readers, this will not impact you.

If you need to change DNS settings:

If you have access to your router settings, we recommend making this change on your router at the location where you are accepting in-person payments. This way, all devices at that location will receive the correct DNS configuration.

Else use the instructions below depending on the system of your point of sale device.

Changing DNS on the router:

If you have more than one smart readers, you may prefer to modify the DNS of your WiFi on your network router to avoid changing the DNS settings on each point of sale. There should be no impact on any of your regular internet traffic by changing the router's DNS to any well-known providers listed above.

Example instructions on changing the DNS settings on your router are available here.


Microsoft Windows:

If you are using a Windows machine as your point of sale, follow the steps listed here or here to change DNS settings. Note: You may need device administrator permissions to modify DNS settings. You will need to change the DNS on each Windows machine used with Stripe Terminal.

Apple devices:

If you are using a Mac, follow these steps to change your point of sale DNS settings in macOS. If you are using an iPad, follow these steps. Note: You may need device admin permissions to modify the DNS.You will need to change the DNS on each Apple device you are using as a point of sale.


Most modern browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox support modifying the DNS in use directly in the browser by using DNS over HTTPS. Detailed instructions on modifying the DNS your browser uses are available here. Note: You will need to change the DNS on each browser you use as your point of sale.





Please be aware that Apple Safari currently does not support DNS over HTTPS, therefore any DNS changes have to be performed on the device itself.

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