Tax invoice and VAT e-invoice for Italy-based businesses

All new Italian businesses onboarding July 29, 2022 or after will receive their monthly invoice in their Stripe Dashboard under “Documents.” The VAT e-invoice(s) will be delivered by the SDI to the destination channel provided during onboarding.

All existing Italian platforms and direct and standard businesses (onboarded before July 29, 2022) are expected to be contacted regarding satisfying the new e-invoicing requirements by the end of 2022. They should expect to start receiving VAT e-invoices in 2023.

The VAT applies to all Stripe fees which means it is already included when you check the fees for the payment, you read more about this here.

For more information regarding VAT e-invoicing requirements in Italy, please visit our Support article.

For information regarding VAT e-invoicing for Custom/Express Platform using a Direct Charge configuration for its Connected Accounts, please visit this Support article.