Taxes on Stripe fees for Italy-based businesses

For Stripe account holders in Italy, value-added tax (VAT) applies to all Stripe fees at the prevailing standard rate.

The VAT charge is applied in addition to Stripe’s product and service fees.

You will be provided with a monthly tax e-invoice sent to your destination channel via SDI for the VAT that is charged on your Stripe fees. The e-invoice is the only document to be used for tax purposes. Please note that the PDF statement delivered to your Stripe Dashboard on the Documents page is only a summary of the fees charged and does not represent a document to be used for tax purposes.

You can learn more about tax e-invoices by visiting our support article.

Additional information

For additional information regarding tax e-invoicing requirements, please visit our support article.

For information regarding tax e-invoicing for Custom or Express platforms using a direct charge configuration for their connected accounts, please visit this support article.