Sending invoices on behalf of connected accounts

Standard Connect accounts automatically have access to Billing and Invoicing features in the Stripe Dashboard. Platforms can also send invoices from their standard accounts.

Custom and Express accounts do not have access to the same Stripe Dashboard or invoicing functionality with Stripe Billing. Instead, the platform can send an invoice from their account and pay out the funds received to the connected account. See Subscriptions with Connect and Invoices with Connect in the Stripe Docs for more information.

Make invoices appear to be sent from the connected account

When platforms send invoices for their connected accounts using destination charges, the platform is the settlement merchant by default.

However, platforms can pass the 'on_behalf_of' parameter when creating or updating one-off invoices to make the connected account the settlement merchant.

The connected account’s information will be used for 'on_behalf_of' invoices created by the platform. You can expect to see the connected account’s information in the following areas:

The 'on_behalf_of' parameter can only be set via the API before the invoice is finalized. See Using on_behalf_of in the Stripe Docs for more information.