Promotion Codes

Promotion Codes is a Stripe Billing and Checkout feature which enables you to generate customer facing codes which can be redeemed to apply a coupon to an order. Promotion Codes have advanced validation features which allow you to specify when and on what orders the codes can be redeemed.

This feature is only available for paid Billing users.

Accessing Promotion Codes

Many businesses started using Stripe Billing before it became a paid product. Today, rates start at 0.5% on recurring charges.

Some new features, such as Promotion Codes on Stripe Billing or Checkout, is only available to paid Billing users. If you are a paid Billing user, you automatically have access. To set up Promotion codes, check out the integration guide here.

If you are not a paid Billing user and would like access to this feature by paying for Stripe billing, please contact our sales team. You can try out Promotion Codes in test mode before paying.

Setting up Promotion Codes

To learn more about how to set up Promotion Codes once you have access, check out the integration guide here.