Company Ownership and Director Requirement


Why does Stripe need to know about my company’s owners or directors? What information do I need to provide?


In certain countries, Stripe is required to collect, verify, and maintain information on a company’s owners — known as “beneficial owners” — and directors. These requirements come from our regulators and are intended to promote transparency, and to prevent individuals from using complex company structures to hide terrorist financing, money laundering, tax evasion, and other financial crimes.

Determine what information is required

If you sign up for a Stripe account directly, the required fields will show in the account activation section of the Dashboard.

If you are creating Custom accounts on behalf of your Stripe Connect platform users, you can find the requirements by selecting the relevant country from the required verification information menu or by using the Country Specs API.

If you don’t have all of the ownership information needed to complete the application, see: Missing beneficial owner or director information.

Additional information

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Ownership by a trust, holding company, or other legal entity