"Not Connected" error on Verifone P400 with ethernet connection

Note, the Verifone P400 is no longer available for purchase.

To troubleshoot a Not Connected error on the Verifone P400 using an ethernet connection:

  1. Confirm that the ethernet cable is connected to the correct port in the connector cable. The connector cable has 2 ports: be sure that the ethernet cable is connected to the port with the ETH label.

  2. From the Device Status debug screen, enter 0-4-2-6-8. The screen should say No Network Info. eth0 is down! Network is down.

  3. Unplug and reconnect the Ethernet cable between the reader and network source (i.e., switch, router).

  4. Restart the reader while the network source is attached to it by unplugging and re-connecting the power cable from the I/O block.

  5. If the Device Status debug screen lists an IP address, run the connectivity debug 0-8-6-2-4.

    1. If this request fails, the Stripe endpoints cannot be accessed. Check your network firewalls and block lists to ensure the reader is able to reach Stripe from your network.