Managing Connect Payout Failures


Connect users can now easily identify connected accounts that will experience repeated payout failures, use tools to fix the error, and block potentially suspicious external accounts all from the Stripe Dashboard.

External accounts are financial accounts that receive Connect payouts. When a Connect payout is attempted to an external account associated with a connected account and it fails, Stripe errors that particular external account and will pause scheduled payouts to that external account.  

How can I know a payout fails?

Stripe uses webhooks to notify your application when an event happens in your account, including payout failures. All Connect integrations should establish a webhook endpoint to listen for Connect events.

How will I know an external account is errored?

You can inspect an external account two ways:

  1. API
  2. Dashboard


Call the /v1/accounts/:id/external_accounts API and read the status attribute. If a payout fails, the status is set to “errored” and scheduled payouts are stopped until external account details are updated.


Find the External Account section in the Connected Account Detail page after selecting a given connected account at

Errored accounts will be badged with an “Error” label. By expanding the external account using the chevron to the left of the account, you can find more details, including why the external account is errored.

Connected accounts with errored external accounts will also show up in your Accounts to Review list with a Restricted status and “bank account or debit card” in the Information Needed field.

How can I replace the errored external account?

You can generate a sharable update link from the External Account section of the Connected Account Detail page in the Stripe Dashboard.

Using this link, the connected account will be able to directly update their external accounts.

If the connected account is a Custom connected account, you can also update the account directly from the Stripe Dashboard.

I think an external account is fraudulent. What can I do?

You can block an external account from receiving Connect payouts from your platform. You can only do this via the Dashboard from the External Account section in the Connected Account Detail page for a given connected account:

Blocking an external account will block it on your entire platform. That is, if another connected account attempts to add or pay out to that external account, it will also fail.

I think a connected account is fraudulent or had an account takeover. What can I do?

You can also reject a connected account outright in the header of the Connected Account Detail page.