Issue with a purchase from a Stripe merchant

This page contains information intended for customers of businesses that use Stripe. If your business uses Stripe and you’d like to find out more about disputes, please see our article on the dispute process and submitting evidence.

If you have an issue with a purchase that you made from a business using Stripe, we recommend that you first attempt to contact them to resolve the matter directly. You can use the Charge Lookup Tool to find their contact details.

If after attempting to contact the business they are either unresponsive or you are unhappy with their response to your refund request, you can then contact your bank to explore further options and the possibility of filing a dispute. More information on disputing a purchase made through Stripe →

Stripe cannot create a refund on a business' Stripe account at the request of the customer. If you require a refund, you will need to contact the business directly to initiate the process.