Trouble activating a payment method

Depending on where your business is based, your Stripe account may support additional payment methods. While any additional payment method that is in open preview will be available in test mode right away, some payment methods will require an invitation or activation through the Dashboard before you can use them to create live payments.

When activating a payment method from the Dashboard, you may be asked to provide additional information required by the scheme, or agree with a specific addendum to our Services Agreement.

Activating a payment method

After clicking “Activate”, the payment method is shown as pending with an indication of how long it might take to activate.

A pending payment method

For payment methods that are currently in closed preview, you are able to Request an Invite through the Stripe Dashboard. This will add you to our mailing list where we will reach out to you once we’re able to provide you with this functionality.

For payment methods that are currently in open preview, the activation process takes only a few hours. Once a payment method is activated, you’ll receive an email and will then be able to immediately start processing payments in live mode. If the payment method remains in a pending state for longer than the indicated period, please get in touch.

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