How to Apply for Issuing

Test Mode Access

If you are based in the US, the UK or certain countries in the EU, you can instantly get access to test-mode Issuing via the Dashboard by navigating to the Issuing section and clicking on the "Get Started" button.

In test mode, there are certain differences with live mode that are present, which are outlined here.

Note: Gaining access to Test Mode Issuing does not automatically register your interest in Live Mode Issuing. You will still need to submit a request directly with the Sales team.

Live Mode Access

If you want access to live mode, you can visit the Stripe Issuing landing page and fill out our form: You will provide details on your business, so we can determine your eligibility for Issuing.

Screenshot 2024-02-24 at 10.32.55 AM.png

If your use case is supportable, our team will review your information and be in touch.


Please note that Stripe Issuing currently only supports commercial use cases in the US, the UK and countries in the EU. For a full overview of global availability, you can refer to our Stripe Docs:

Atlas Users

For Stripe Atlas users, Issuing will only be available to use if: