Guest Customer FAQ


The Stripe Dashboard groups all guest payments made using the same card, email, or phone in a unified guest customer view to help you review purchasing behavior for refunds, chargebacks, or fraud.

Guest customer views are presented in the “Customers” tab of the Dashboard and in the search results page, and will be automatically created when you do not save customer contact and payment details via a Customer API object.


Will guest customer views affect my Stripe integration?

Guest customer views are available only in the Stripe Dashboard, and won't affect your Stripe integration in any way. You don't need to make any changes to your Stripe integration to see this improved experience in your dashboard.

I noticed several guest payments under a guest customer. How do you group these payments under the same guest customer?

We use email address, phone number, and credit card number to group payments from your guest customers under the same guest customer view. Only one of these data fields needs to match for a guest payment to be grouped under a guest customer view.

Matching logic examples

What happens if the same card was used by different guest customers for different payments?

A guest payment will only be associated with a single guest customer. In this case, it will appear under the guest customer who used the email address, phone number or the card information most recently to complete a payment.

Should I update my privacy policy or other privacy notices?

The guest customer view does not collect or surface any new personal information about your customers. Instead, guest customers are intended to give you a unified view of your existing guest data, to help you better detect fraud and manage customer service inquiries.

In case you wish to use your customers' information for marketing purposes, ensure that you've collected customer consent in accordance with relevant local laws.

In general, when using Stripe, you must disclose to your customers your privacy practices and that you collect relevant payments data to process payments with Stripe (see Stripe’s terms and conditions for more detail).