Form W9 and Form 4669 collected by Stripe

Form W9 is generally used to confirm the tax identification number of a U.S. Person.

Unlike the Form W8 there is only one version that is applicable for both individuals and entities and the instructions that explain how to complete the form are attached to the form itself.

To start processing on Stripe, a Form W9 is not initially required but a tax identification number is. However, Stripe may request a Form W9 in order to verify the tax identification number that was initially submitted. A Form W9 might also be required if there's a change in information to an account that has already submitted a Form W9.

You can see examples of Form W9 submission fields in the screenshot below:

Above: Form W9 collection fields in the Stripe dashboard.

Once you complete your submission a pdf version of the form is available for download via the Stripe dashboard.

Above: Form W9 pdf version - download from the Stripe dashboard.

Please note: Submission of a Form 4669 is not required in all instances. Most Stripe account holders will only be required to complete the Form W9 section.

Form 4669 collected by Stripe

For account holders that submit a Form W9 to certify their US tax residency, and Stripe hasn’t issued a Form 1099-K to that business in previous years, there is a chance that Stripe will request that you review and sign a Form 4669.

A Form 4669 is a certification the account holder makes to confirm that the respective payment processing volume has been included in their previous tax returns, even though a 1099-K wasn’t issued for those years. Form 4669 essentially functions like an Affidavit of Unchanged Status, in that it is used to validate data from prior years.

If you’d like to learn more about IRS requirements for the Form 4669, check out the link below:

This article is neither legal advice nor tax advice. We recommend that you speak to your lawyer or accounting firm with any questions or concerns around tax reporting.