Enable Apple Pay on your Stripe account

To enable Apple Pay on your Stripe account, navigate to 'Apple Pay' under Business Settings > Payment Methods in your dashboard. The setup process will vary depending on whether you're implementing Apple Pay on an iOS app, a website, or both. Click on 'Configure' under 'Apple Pay' to initiate the setup process. For iOS apps, follow the steps to create and upload a certificate; for websites, add a new domain and upload a verification file.

To set up Apple Pay on your Stripe account for the first time, click on Apple Pay under Payments and Payouts in your Business Settings.

From there, depending on where you intend to implement Apple Pay – on your iOS app or on your website, or both – the setup process will be different.

If you use the Stripe plugin for WooCommerce, they have published a helpful guide on how to enable Apple Pay as a payment method.

If you plan to add Apple Pay to both an iOS app and your website, complete each process below.

Set up Apple Pay for your iOS app

To set up Apple Pay on your iOS application:

  1. From the Apple Pay settings page, click + Add new application.
  2. Download the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and click Continue.

Apple Pay.png

  1. Visit Apple’s Developer Center.
  2. Select the Merchant ID the certificate should belong to, then click edit and create certificate.
  3. Disregard the directions for creating or obtaining a CSR file; this is the Certificate Signing Request file you downloaded earlier from Stripe.
  4. Follow the instructions to upload your CSR file.
  5. Click generate to generate a certificate, and download the certificate. The certificate should be in the .cer file format.
  6. Return to Stripe and upload the new certificate file:

apple pay upload.png

  1. Once uploaded, you should see the certificate listed under iOS certificates.
  2. You can then continue with integrating Apple Pay for apps.

Set up Apple Pay for your website

To set up Apple Pay to integrate into your website:

  1. From the Payment method domains page page, click Add new domain.
  1. Enter the top-level domain or sub-domain where you will be implementing Apple Pay (e.g. stripe.com or shop.stripe.com).
  2. Click Save and continue.
  3. Download the verification file: this will be a text file titled apple-developer-merchantid-domain-association. If you use the WooCommerce Stripe plug-in, you can skip this step.
  4. Upload the verification file to your website at the URL you entered in step two. The resulting URL should look like https://yourwebsite.com/.well-known/apple-developer-merchantid-domain-association.
  5. You can then continue with integrating Apple Pay for the Web.