Dispute process overview

When a dispute is issued by a cardholder, their bank notifies Stripe and automatically deducts the disputed amount as well as a fee for processing the dispute. Stripe will then pass along all information received from the bank related to the dispute via the Dashboard and over email.

Submitting evidence

If you believe a dispute is in error and want to challenge it, you can present evidence supporting why the payment was valid through the Dashboard or via the API. When you formally submit evidence, Stripe will immediately send the evidence to the cardholder’s bank for review.

Banks review evidence only once, so evidence can only be submitted once. We recommend making sure evidence is full and complete before submitting. The Stripe dashboard has a feature that will allow you to upload evidence in the dashboard and save it for later without officially submitting in the event there may have more evidence to add before the submission deadline.

The bank will make a decision around 60-75 days after the evidence due date. If the dispute is decided in your favor, the funds will be returned to your Stripe balance – including the dispute fee.

For more comprehensive guidance on how to work through a dispute, including recommended evidence to submit for each different type of dispute, see our guide to Disputes in the Stripe Docs.

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