Dispute for Full Charge Amount After a Partial Refund was Issued


A charge was disputed for the full amount, but I already made a partial refund. What happens next?


A payment can be sometimes be disputed for the full amount even if a partial refund has already been issued to the customer. Card issuers have processes in place to rectify this.

Even if you plan to accept the unrefunded portion of the dispute, it’s important to provide evidence of the partial refund in your dispute response submission. This should include the amount and date of the refund, and a screenshot of the refund information from your Dashboard.

In most cases, the card issuer will cancel the original dispute and then create a separate dispute for the corrected amount. On Stripe, the existing dispute is used to track the overall outcome. If the dispute is fully resolved in your favor, the entire amount is returned to you. If it’s not, only the partially refunded amount is returned. In this case, the dispute’s status is set to lost, and in the Dashboard, the dispute is marked as “partially won”.