Custom domain on Stripe-hosted surfaces FAQ

Stripe-hosted surfaces, such as Stripe Checkout, Stripe Payment Links, and the Stripe Billing customer portal, support custom domains, allowing users to use their own domain while hosting their payment or customer portal page on Stripe. Using a custom domain costs $10 per month, and once configured, it can be used on all Stripe-hosted, customer-facing surfaces. it will also automatically support browser wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Users can cancel their custom domain subscription at any time through their Stripe Dashboard.

Which Stripe-hosted surfaces support custom domains?

You can use custom domains with Stripe Checkout, Stripe Payment Links, and the customer portal through Stripe Billing. This lets you use your own domain while still hosting your payment page or customer portal page on Stripe. Please read our guide for instructions on how to set up your own custom domain.

What subdomain can I use for my custom domain?

We recommend selecting a subdomain that aligns with your business name (e.g., We may reject or remove custom domains that violate third-party intellectual property rights, are misleading, are offensive or otherwise violate our Prohibited and restricted businesses.

How much does it cost to use a custom domain?

Using a custom domain costs USD 10 per month. For users outside the United States, you will be charged in your local currency based on current exchange rates, where available. You will be billed for each month in the first week of the following month. You will only be billed for months where a custom domain was enabled for the entire month. This cost covers custom domain use across all Stripe-hosted, customer-facing surfaces (Checkout, Payment Links, and Billing customer portal).

Does Checkout support custom domains and browser wallet?

Yes, once you’ve configured a custom domain, Stripe Checkout and Payment Links will automatically support browser wallets, such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. No custom registration of your domain is needed with Apple or Google.

How do I stop monthly charges for custom domains / cancel the subscription?

You can cancel your custom domain subscription at any time. Go to the custom domain settings in your Stripe Dashboard and click `Disconnect`, then confirm this choice in the popup that appears.

Please note that once you cancel your subscription any payment links and customer portal link using your custom domain will stop working. You'll be able to copy and share new or links for each of your existing links.