Create and send an invoice using Stripe Billing

You can create and send an invoice using the Stripe Dashboard or using the Stripe API.

Using the Dashboard

To create and send an invoice through the Dashboard:

  1. Log into your Stripe Dashboard

  2. Search for the customer to whom you want to send the invoice.

  3. Create a subscription or invoice for that customer. You can add additional details such as tax ID to customize the invoice based on legal requirements or your personal details before sending it to your users.

  4. Once the invoice is sent, you can monitor the state of the invoice on the Invoices page of your Dashboard.

  5. When the customer has paid the invoice, the payment will be automatically reconciled and the invoice will be marked as paid.

Using the Stripe API

To learn how to send invoices to customers using the API, see Sending Invoices to Customers in the Stripe Docs.