Transferring ownership of a Stripe account

The first thing you’ll want to do is have the current owner of the Stripe account log in and fill out this form to send us an email letting us know which of the following information needs to be changed:

  1. Company representative or owner information (don’t send this over email – we’ll enable editing on your Stripe account)
  2. The URL from which the business is operating

You can then change the following information from your Account Settings:

  1. Bank account information
  2. The descriptor and phone number that show up on credit card statements
  3. The business information that shows up on receipts sent to your customers
  4. The email address listed as the owner of the Stripe account
  5. Your business legal name and tax ID

If your company has been acquired by a legal entity in a different country, you’ll not be able to simply transfer ownership of the existing Stripe account, as once a Stripe account is created for a given country, this country cannot be changed.

The original owner of the Stripe account will need to transfer ownership to the new owner as outlined on this page, but if the new owner wants to change the country on the account, they’ll need to register a Stripe account in that country, and reach out to us to transfer their data between the two accounts, as outlined here.

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