Authentication using FIDO U2F security keys

Two-step authentication protects your Stripe account with an additional level of security. When you log in from a new device, we’ll ask for both your password and a unique code from your mobile device. Even if someone has your password, they will not be able to log into your account without also having access to your mobile device.

Keeping your Stripe account safe is important, so we strongly recommend setting up two-step verification. If compromised, your finances, customer details, and transaction information are at risk.

Once you have enabled two-step authentication via SMS or a two-step mobile app, you have the additional option of adding one or more FIDO U2F security keys. Security keys are devices that connect to your computer via USB, Bluetooth, or NFC, and provide an additional form of two-step authentication.

Note that FIDO U2F is only compatible with certain web browsers.

To set up two-step authentication with a security key:

  1. Click Add under the Two-step authentication section. (Note: you must have already setup two-step authentication by either SMS or a two-step mobile app.)
  2. Select Add security key.
  3. When prompted, plug-in and tap your security key.

  4. Next, provide a name for your security key. This is a helpful way to tell them apart if you decide to add multiple security keys.

Similar to the other methods, we will require this key for any new devices, as well as periodically to confirm the device is still yours.

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