ACH Direct Debit company IDs for Stripe

What is an ACH company ID?

An ACH company ID is a 10-digit identifier used by banks and Nacha, the operator of the ACH network, to identify the entity collecting payments or sending money via ACH (also referred to as an “originator”).

How are ACH company IDs used?

Company IDs help ensure that debits are made on the correct bank account since some business bank accounts may have filters in place to deny debits from unknown entities. To allow Stripe to debit from or deposit into your (or your customer's) account on your behalf, Stripe's ACH company IDs must be provided to the bank to ensure ACH transactions will be processed.

In some cases, a debit that is attempted on such an account without providing Stripe's ACH company IDs will result in an unexpected dispute. When this happens, the bank account may also become blocked for use with Stripe.

ACH company IDs for Stripe

Stripe uses two company IDs to collect ACH debits and send ACH deposits on behalf of all users.

Allowing Stripe ACH debits and deposits

To minimize potential for disputes and declined payments due to unauthorization failures, we recommend you do the following: