Accessing Tax invoices on Stripe fees for accounts based in Mexico

If you have a Stripe account in Mexico, you can access your electronic IVA invoices detailing Stripe’s fees in two ways:

A. Downloading your IVA invoice from the Stripe Dashboard

Navigate to the Stripe Dashboard and sign in (only an Administrator of the Stripe account can view invoices)

  1. Navigate to the Setting page, and then under the Business Settings heading and the “Compliance and documents” sub-heading, and select tab titled “Documents”.
  2. On your Documents page, you should see documents with type “Cfdi Tax Invoice” in both PDF and XML form for downloading.
  3. If you do not see your invoice on this page, please make sure you have updated your tax information by uploading your Constancia de Situación Fiscal. In case you updated your tax information and uploaded your Constancia de Situación Fiscal before March 31st 2023 and you do not see your invoice on this page, please contact our support team for your IVA invoice. Include the month from which you believe there should be an invoice present.

B. Downloading your IVA invoice directly through the SAT portal

  1. Visit the corresponding SAT page according to the type of legal entity:
    1. For company accounts:
    2. For individual accounts:
  2. Select “Cancel and recover your invoices.”
  3. Enter your RFC and password.
  4. Click on “Consult received invoices.”
  5. Choose the corresponding month to see IVA invoices issued to your company.
  6. Find the invoice issued by STRIPE PAYMENTS MÉXICO, S. DE R.L. DE C.V. RFC: SPM1410037E8

Important things to keep in mind: