Understanding Stripe Sigma pricing

Stripe Sigma’s monthly price is based on components of your monthly processing activity. To calculate processing activity, we add the total number of charges and authorization requests your business processed in the billing month.

You can see what will be counted as processing activity based on the Stripe products your business uses.

Pricing activities by product

Please note that this is a representative example. You can check pricing for your Stripe account by going to the Sigma Pricing website here

We calculate your Stripe Sigma price based on the graduated tiers in the table below. For example, the price for your first 500 processed activities is $.02 per processed activity, and the price for your next 500 is $.018 per processed activity.

We also charge a monthly infrastructure fee based on your total processing activity for the month. In other words, if your processing activity total for the month is between 1,001 and 5,000 processed activities, your infrastructure fee is the fee for up to 5000 transactions ($50/month).

Pricing tiers

Monthly transaction count

Monthly infrastructure fee

Price per transaction per month

0 - 500



501 - 1,000



1,001 - 5,000



5,001 - 50,000




Contact our sales team

Contact our sales team

If your business creates 600 charges and 200 authorization requests in March (total processing activity = 800), $40.40 would be deducted from your settlement funds in April for your use of Stripe Sigma in March.

Pricing example

Pricing Example Diagram

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