Understanding Blended & Interchange+ pricing

Stripe offers both Blended and Interchange+ (IC+) pricing for card transactions.

Generally, a Blended pricing model offers more predictability in costs and simpler reporting. IC+ pricing often yields more visibility into costs and drivers, but involves more complex reporting and fee variability.




Reporting simplicity

Single rate for each charge, and underlying network costs are abstracted away

Multiple network costs per transaction, and multiple variables that affect those costs

Visibility into costs

Some information about drivers of cost, or levers to reduce costs for your business (e.g. cross-border fees)

Visibility into network costs charged for each transaction, which allows you to optimize network costs if possible

Variation in costs

No volatility given rate remains constant

Network costs change based on transaction characteristics (e.g. different card types, geography, card network). In addition, card networks update costs regularly.

For more information about pricing, head to stripe.com/pricing.