"This combination of tax ID and legal name was not recognized by the IRS" error when entering tax ID for verification

You may see the below error in your Stripe dashboard, and this error is caused by a mismatch of the tax information in your dashboard and the tax information on file with the IRS.

The IRS couldn’t recognize your tax ID and name together. Make sure this information exactly matches your official IRS-issued documentation (e.g., Letter 147C or SS-4 Confirmation letter). You can also upload these documents.

It is required that the information you enter for your legal name and tax ID number exactly matches the information displayed on your official IRS-issued documentation, such as your SS-4 confirmation letter or your Letter 147C.

For example, if the entity name on your Letter 147C says: “Jane Doe-Smith” you would need to type this in exactly as it appears including the hyphen.

See Using IRS documentation as reference when entering business name and Tax ID Number (TIN) for US-based businesses for formatting examples when referencing the Letter 147C and SS-4 Confirmation letters.

If your TIN was issued more than 3 months ago, the legal name and tax ID in the dashboard match the information on your SS-4 confirmation letter, and Stripe is unable to verify it with IRS records, you will need to call the IRS at 1-800-829-4933 and request a Letter 147C (the record of how your entity is filed with the IRS).

If Stripe is still unable to verify the information on your recently obtained Letter 147C, upload a copy of your Letter 147C to the Dashboard.

For TINs issued less than 3 months ago, you can also upload your SS-4 letter to the Dashboard.

If you have other questions or continue having difficulty verifying your information, contact Stripe Support.

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