Requirements for accepting tips or donations

To accept tips or donations through Stripe Payments, a tip must be given for a good or service provided, while a donation must be tied to a specific charitable purpose. Stripe does not support personal or peer-to-peer money transmission. Users must also comply with regional restrictions and local laws on money transmission when using Stripe for tips or donations.

Understand the minimum conditions for accepting tips or donations through Stripe

You must comply with the following requirements to accept tips or donations with Stripe Payments.

Stripe does not support payment processing for personal or peer-to-peer money transmission (e.g., sending money between friends). For more information on businesses restricted by Stripe Payments see Prohibited and Restricted Businesses and the Stripe Services Agreement.

When using Stripe to accept tips or donations, you acknowledge that you are aware of and acting in compliance with local laws on money transmission and relevant restrictions relating to donations to non-registered entities.

Regional restrictions

In addition to Stripe’s general guidelines, there are jurisdiction-specific prohibitions: