Receiving multiple disputes per payment FAQ

Why would there be multiple disputes per payment?

Although extremely rare, card networks and many payment methods allow multiple disputes on a single payment. This can happen due to several reasons, see below for the most common cases:

  1. Partial Disputes: If a merchant processes a payment for multiple items as a single charge, a cardholder may file multiple disputes. For example:
    • Payment processed for $100.00 USD as a single charge (with two physical items shipped, one shirt for $30.00 USD and one pair of pants for $70.00 USD)
    • Cardholder opens Dispute 1 for $30.00 USD regarding the shirt
    • Cardholder opens Dispute 2 for $70.00 USD regarding the pair of pants
  2. Re-filed Disputes: Issuers may recall and re-file disputes if they need to adjust an amount, currency, reason code, etc. Merchants should carefully review each open dispute on the payment and respond appropriately.
  3. Multicapture Disputes: Merchants using flexible payment authorization methods such as Multicapture may receive multiple disputes for each capture in the payment.
  4. American Express Inquiries after Disputes: American Express disputes can require additional information after a chargeback to assist in dispute resolution. This can manifest in the form of an additional inquiry after a chargeback has occurred.

What should I do when I receive multiple disputes on a charge?

Each dispute should be treated as a separate dispute and merchants can decide to accept or counter the dispute through both the dashboard and the API. We recommend reviewing the disputed amount, currency, category, claim details and timelines very carefully to understand the complaint and respond effectively. See here for more information on how to respond to disputes.