Issue invoices to Australia and New Zealand customers

Invoices sent to your customers in Australia and New Zealand must meet specific requirements as set by both the Australian Tax Office and the Internal Revenue Department of New Zealand
To ensure that the requirements are met, you should include the following information when you use Stripe to generate one-off invoices or create subscriptions. Currently, this feature is available for Stripe accounts based in Australia and New Zealand. 

  1. Include a Tax Rate object on your Invoice or Subscription object. 

  2. Add your business’s Australian ABN or New Zealand GST number as tax IDs in your account’s invoice settings. Set the tax ID to default if it should appear on every invoice. 

  3. The Customer object associated with the Invoice or Subscription should include:

    1. An attached AU_ABN or NZ_GST Tax ID object. This will ensure that ‘Tax Invoice’ is labeled at the top of the generated invoice.

    2. An address for the customer.