How to access quotes

Quotes let you provide a pricing estimate to a customer before starting a subscription or an invoice.

You can try out quotes in test mode. You’ll be able to draft, finalize, and download test quotes as a PDF. You can also “accept” a quote to see it convert into a test subscription or invoice. This is a great way to try out the product experience.

To finalize, download or accept quotes in live mode through the API or Dashboard, you’ll need Invoicing Plus or Billing Scale. If you plan to use quotes to create one-off invoices, upgrade to Invoicing Plus. If using quotes to create subscriptions or recurring invoices, upgrade to Billing Scale.

You can downgrade back to Invoicing Starter or Billing Starter at any time by visiting your settings. If you are unable to do so, please contact us


What else is included with Invoicing Plus or Billing Scale, aside from quotes?

Aside from quotes, Invoicing Plus includes advanced features to help you reconcile and recover invoice payments. Learn more about Stripe Invoicing pricing.

Billing Scale includes advanced integrations from quotes to cash to grow your recurring revenue. This includes the Stripe Connector for NetSuite (with an implementation fee). Learn more about Stripe Billing pricing and contact us if you’d like to use the Stripe Connector for NetSuite.

When am I charged for quotes?

You won’t be charged for quotes separately. You only pay for the payments resulting from the subscription or invoice created from the quote.

I think I already upgraded - why don’t I have access to quotes? 

If you create a quote with a recurring price that would convert to a subscription, you’ll need to upgrade to Billing Scale, even if you’ve already upgraded to Invoicing Plus.

If you create a quote with only non-recurring prices that would convert to an invoice, you’ll need to upgrade to Invoicing Plus, even if you’re already upgraded to Billing Scale.

Please contact us if you have any questions.