Exporting Payment Reports

Exporting payment reports from your the Payments page of the Dashboard allows you to access historical transaction data. You can customize the report by selecting your preferred time zone, date range, and columns, as well as various payment types, such as successful, refunded, or uncaptured payments, and associated fees. Fees displayed in the report include both Stripe processing fees and any application fees charged by connected platforms.

You can get a quick report on your historical transactions by exporting this information from your Dashboard.

Exporting Payments

To do this, on the Payments page in the Dashboard, click Export. From there, you can select your preferred time zone, date range, and desired columns. This will download a CSV report to your device covering all of your Payments.

You can choose to export Successful Payments, Refunded Payments, Uncaptured Payments, or All Payments

To see the fees that were related to each of your payments,

On the top right corner of the Payment page, click Export

payments page.png

On the Export view under the Column section, select Custom and ensure that the Fee column is checked

custom columns (1).png

Fees included in this export will be a sum of both standard Stripe processing fees and application fees that can be charged by platforms you are connected to. This means the fees column in the resulting report currently does not split between Stripe processing fees and application fees.

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