Documents for identity and home address verification

Stripe may require additional documentation to verify the identity and home address of individuals connected to a Stripe account. To verify this information, individuals must provide proof of identity and proof of home address, ensuring that the documents meet specific requirements such as being in color, clear, and not expired. These documents must be uploaded through the Stripe Dashboard, and reviews can take up to 24 hours to complete.

If we are unable to verify your identity programmatically, Stripe might need to request additional documentation in order to verify the individuals connected to a Stripe account. To verify individuals in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, Stripe will ask unverified individuals to provide two separate documents:

Accepted document types

For a list of document types for individuals per country please refer to: Acceptable verification documents by country.

Document requirements

Each document must meet specific requirements in order to be accepted for verification.

The information in these documents must be matched to the information on your Stripe account, so it is best to first confirm that the personal information listed on your Stripe account is correct before documents are uploaded. You can view your Stripe account personal information in your Dashboard and make any changes by clicking Edit beside your personal details. Both Proof of ID and Proof of Home Address document uploads must be successfully reviewed and matched to the information on your Stripe account before your identity can be verified. Reviews can take up to 24 hours for our team to complete.

A summary of document standards is listed below:

Proof of Identity document requirements:

Proof of Home Address document requirements

Uploading your verification documents

Due to the highly sensitive nature of your verification documents, Stripe can only accept documents which are uploaded through the Dashboard. Documents must not be sent through email.

You can upload each document type in your Dashboard here:

Business verification

For details about the business verification step, see Legal entity verification documents.