Dispute fees FAQ

What are dispute fees?

When your business receives a card dispute (also called a chargeback), the cardholder's card issuer pulls the amount for the dispute from Stripe, as well as that network's dispute fees. We pass these on to you, the merchant, and debit your Stripe balance for the dispute amount plus network dispute fee. This will appear in your balance history as a single balance transaction for the dispute amount and fee.

In the event that a dispute is ruled in your favor, the card network returns the dispute amount to Stripe, which we pass on to you. Stripe will also refund the network dispute fee to you at our expense.

Can I refund a charge to avoid paying the dispute fee?

If you issue a full refund on a charge before a dispute happens, it is no longer possible for the cardholder to dispute it. So you are protected from any future dispute or dispute fee.

Once a cardholder initiates a dispute, it is no longer possible to avoid the fee. However if you win the dispute, Stripe will refund this dispute fee to you.

How much is the dispute fee?

The fee for disputes varies by region, and is listed in our disputes documentation. You can also find more about this on our pricing page.