Complete Beneficial Ownership Information from the Stripe Dashboard


How can I add my ownership information from my Dashboard?


Whether you have received an invite from the individual setting up your business’s Stripe account or are a beneficial owner of the business, you can add owner information to the application:

  • Log into your Stripe Dashboard

  • Visit the Owners page under Business settings.

  • If you are already listed as an owner, click “…” > Edit to update the entry directly.

  • If you are not already listed as an owner, click Add business owners and provide your information.

The information you provide is secure, and is only visible to other administrators and the owner of the Stripe account. Your tax ID or passport number are not visible to anyone.

Verification and ID upload

If we are unable to verify your identity automatically, we will request that you upload an ID document. You can upload the ID document from the Dashboard.

Common Phrasings

  • I received an invitation to add my ownership information to complete the Stripe account activation. Where do I go to complete the form?