Block Mastercard debit and Visa debit cards using Radar

You can block transactions from Mastercard debit and/or Visa debit cards by creating a custom block rule in Stripe Radar.

From the Rules section of your Radar dashboard:

  1. Scroll down to the When should a payment be blocked? section.

  2. Click + Add rule.

  3. Add the following block rule depending on the card type you want to block:

Mastercard debit cards:
Block if :card_funding: = 'debit' and
:card_brand: = 'mc' and 
:card_country: = 'CA' 

Visa debit cards:
Block if :card_funding: = 'debit' and 
:card_brand: = 'visa' and 
:card_country: = 'CA' 

  1. Click Test rule to ensure the block rule is functional.

  2. Click Add and enable once the block rule test completes successfully.