BBPOS WisePOS E device does not turn on out of box

Please follow the steps detailed here if the WisePOS E does not turn on out of box. The device behavior could be one of the following when the power button is pressed: 1. the device screen will remain blank 2. the device screen will briefly flash and then remain blank 3. the device screen will repeatedly flash.

  1. Ensure that the battery is installed correctly.

    1. Remove the device battery cover.

    2. Install the battery. The customer warning message on the battery will be facing outward. Note that the battery can only be successfully installed in this direction. Note: if the battery is already installed, please remove and reinstall it in the device.

    3. Re-install the battery cover.

    4. Power on the device by pressing the power button for 3 seconds. The user should see the device boot up screen.

    5. For continued use of the device, it is recommended that the end user first fully charge the device using the cable provided via the dedicated compatible charging port with the reader plugged into a 5W minimum wall power adapter. Battery charge status is indicated by an icon on screen during charging.

  2. If the device still does not power on after following the instructions in Step 1, please contact support as it's likely that you will need a replacement device.

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