Age requirement to create a Stripe account

Standard Stripe accounts (including standard Connect accounts)

You can sign up for a standard Stripe account if you are 13 years old or older.

If you are under the age of 18, Stripe requires that a legal guardian sign off on your Stripe account before we are able to transfer funds to your bank account.

Once you have set up a Stripe account, we will reach out to you and ask for the following information about your legal guardian:

If we are not able to verify your guardian's information automatically using the information provided, we may also request a copy of their ID which later can be uploaded directly into our verification system.

Express and Custom Connect accounts

Express and custom accounts have a minimum age requirement of 18. If the birthdate entered is under the age of 18, Stripe will display an error message and will not allow you to complete the sign-up process until the age is updated to meet the requirement.