Quickstart options to accept payments on Stripe

You have several options for accepting payments with Stripe:

Quickstart options without code

Ahead of a full integration, you can use our quickstart options to get started and accept payments manually. We offer several ways to get started using the Stripe Dashboard that do not require any code.

Send a Stripe-hosted invoice

If you are testing product-market fit or still iterating on your business model or pricing, you can send an invoice to customers from your Dashboard. We will email your customer a PDF invoice as well as a link they can use to pay the invoice online with a credit card, debit card, or bank transfer. Hosted invoices can be customized to your brand and support 135+ currencies and dozens of local payment methods.


→ See the full guide on how to send an invoice without code.

Basic subscriptions

If you have straightforward plans and pricing, you can create subscriptions directly from the Dashboard, which will let you charge customers on a set schedule (e.g. monthly). Please note that without code, Stripe will email an invoice that can be paid each time with a credit card, debit card, or bank transfer. If you would like to collect your customers’ payment information up front to automatically charge them for their subscription, you will need to write code.

Pricing: Subscriptions are a feature of Stripe Billing and incur an additional fee, which is listed on our pricing page.

Sending payouts

For platforms or marketplaces that need to transfer funds to a seller, service provider, or third-party vendor, you can get set up as a platform and pay out funds from your Stripe balance using the Stripe Dashboard. You can also add funds to your account balance (“top up”) and send payouts to your users’ bank accounts without processing payments through Stripe first.


Pricing: We charge fees for active connected accounts and for each payout, as listed under the “Express” column of the Stripe Connect pricing page.

→ See the full guide on how to send payouts without code.

All of these options require manual work every time you need to accept a payment, start a subscription, or send a payout. We recommend that you fully integrate with Stripe to automate your payment flows and set up a scalable integration. View our documentation to find the right integration for your business, sample code, and full integration guides.

Can I fully integrate with Stripe without writing code?

Yes, with a plugin or partner. Stripe has partnered with thousands of popular platforms like Shopify, Squarespace, and Freshbooks so that you can use their services without any code. We also work with almost every ecommerce platform and offer plugins that can help you accept payments via Stripe within your website:

For questions or help getting started, contact Stripe Support.