Does Stripe support auth and capture?

Yes, Stripe does support two-step payments, also known as “auth and capture.” This process allows you to authorize a charge and wait to settle it later.

Occasionally, a bank will show an authorization as an actual charge for the customer. As such, it’s worth thinking carefully about your use case before implementing authorize and capture. We’re happy to help.


When creating the charge, you’ll want to pass in the capture parameter as false.

Once the issuing bank (ie. the bank of the cardholder) has accepted the authorization, you have seven days to capture the payment: during this 7-day period, the payment is guaranteed by the issuing bank. So there’s no risk for a merchant to have a decline for a payment that has been authorized over the past seven days.


When you’re ready to actually accept the payment, you’ll just need to make a second API call to capture the charge. By default, we’ll capture the total amount that was authorized. If you want to charge less than the initial amount, you can pass in the amount parameter and we’ll refund the rest back to the customer.

You can see and capture all currently uncaptured payments from your dashboard.

Note that a charge must be captured within seven days or it will be cancelled. You can also manually cancel an uncaptured payment by refunding it via the API or in your dashboard.

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