Passing the Stripe fee on to customers

Can I charge my customers the Stripe fee? How do I calculate the final charge amount including the fee?

You can pass your Stripe fees on to your customers by including the fee into the final charge amount. It is important to ensure that this action complies with any applicable laws that pertain to your business. If you are unsure whether such laws apply, consult with your legal counsel.

Calculating the payment amount to include the Stripe fee

To include the Stripe fee in the final charge, calculate the gross amount, taking into consideration that increasing the final amount also increases the Stripe fee: the Stripe fee is a flat fee plus a percentage of the total charge.

The flat fee and the total charge percentage must be factored into the final charge amount to ensure that you receive the desired amount, after Stripe deducts the fee from the charge.

Note: In some jurisdictions, charging processing fees to your customers is prohibited by law. It is your responsibility to act in accordance with applicable law. For European merchants, learn more about the Scope of the surcharge ban under PSD2 for B2C and B2B payments.

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