Can I enable my users to receive payments from others?

For example, with marketplaces, SaaS payment services, crowdfunding campaigns, or donation portals.

Yes! We’ve created Stripe Connect for exactly these use cases.

With Stripe Connect, you can accept payments for your users without being involved in the flow of funds. When your users “Connect with Stripe”, they’ll be prompted to connect their existing Stripe account or frictionlessly create their own, and you’ll have access to their account to make API calls for them.

For example, Shopify, Squarespace, and Bigcommerce help their users easily create online storefronts and integrate with Stripe Connect to handle store payments.

Since the transactions are being run on your users' individual accounts, this means that:

  • No funds flow through your accounts (except if you’d like to take a cut of the transaction), so you’re not held responsible for any refunds or chargebacks.
  • Stripe will underwrite your sellers and take care of all tax reporting (namely, 1099-K’s for accounts that qualify).
  • Stripe will keep track of how much is owed to each individual user and automatically transfer funds to them on the schedule listed in their dashboard.
  • Your users will have access to the Stripe dashboard for reporting and analytics needs.

However, you can still:

  • Take a cut of each transaction with application fees. All you need to do is specify the amount; we’ll take care of making sure both you and your vendor are paid.
  • Share customers across sellers; this is perfect for marketplaces or other services that need customers to purchase from multiple sellers at once.

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