Can Stripe Atlas create an LLC or other company structure?

We currently only support establishing a C Corporation in Delaware but are planning to add support for other structures, such as Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), in the future.

You can set up your C Corporation in one of two ways:

  • Standalone entity, an entity that could be owned by a group of founders, employees, investors, and others. We’ll help you incorporate the company, and Orrick will provide helpful templates that you can use (with the assistance of legal counsel) to issue shares in the future.
  • Subsidiary entity, an entity that is a wholly-owned subsidiary of an existing business entity (such as an international parent company).

The choice of a standalone or subsidiary company can impact your future tax and compliance obligations. To help with this decision, Atlas users get access to tax and legal guides from PwC and Orrick. PwC and Orrick will not provide tailored tax or legal advice unless you engage them to represent you directly as a client.

If you have your own legal counsel or tax advisors, we’d recommend asking their advice as well.

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