Access to Payable has ended

Payable, acquired by Stripe in 2017, has ended self-serve access as of June 15, 2021, with a new service on Stripe Connect for 1099 reporting and filing. Platforms must now assist their connected accounts and contractors with tax form access and corrections, while contractors should contact their platform directly for such requests.

In 2017, Payable was acquired by Stripe. Since then we’ve ended support for Payable over time and rolled out a new service on Stripe Connect to support 1099 reporting and filing. As part of this transition, we ended self-serve access to Payable on June 15, 2021.

If you are a platform, that needs to access data from Payable, visit the support page to get in touch with a support agent. Please note that we will not be able to provide forms to Connected accounts or contractors that request it directly through us—your team will need to assist them with any requests.

If you are a contractor, please contact your platform directly to access copies or request corrections to your tax forms. Your platform will need to make any requests on behalf of you.

What does this mean for my business?

As a platform, you are generally obligated to keep and provide 1099 records for your Connected accounts and contractors for up to three years after the filing date.

This means that if you used Payable to file 1099s for:

Please talk with a tax advisor to confirm your exact requirements.

Even though you will no longer have access to Payable for this data directly, you can still access copies and make corrections by contacting Stripe support up until June 30th, 2024 which is after the period time that you are generally obligated to support your connected accounts.

By contacting Stripe support you’ll be able to:

Check out the article below to learn more about corrections and splits in Payable:

Make corrections or splits to 1099 forms filed with Payable