Update bank account or debit card for payouts

Last updated: November 9, 2023
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You can edit your payout details on the Stripe Express dashboard by clicking your Profile icon > Payout Details > Select a Platform. Your payout details must be updated to avoid payout delays.

Editing my payout details

Some platforms allow you to update your payout information within Stripe Express, while others manage your payouts for you. In order to find out if you can edit your payout details - after selecting the platform in the top left corner, click on the profile icon in the top right corner which will bring you to your Account Page. Under Payout Details, you will be able to update and add new payout details.

You can select and update where to send your payouts, and your bank account or debit card details. Payout, bank account and debit card details will need to be edited for each platform as the details do not carry over from platform to platform. If the external account (debit card or bank account) in question has previously received a successful payout, you will be required to enter your previous external bank account details and a 6-digit SMS verification code to make any edits. If you no longer have access to your previous bank account details, see Update account without previous bank or card information

💡 Tip: If you don't see a payout details section, your platform manages all changes to your payout information including updates to your bank account and payout schedule. Please reach out to your platform for any changes to this information.


What can I do to prevent delays?

Keeping payout details up to date helps to prevent any delay in receiving payouts. To avoid delays, we strongly encourage you to update your payout information in advance of any changes and to update your debit card details before the card expires.

Who manages my Payout Schedule? How can I find out?

Payout schedules, or the timing of your payout (e.g. weekly, bimonthly, monthly), is managed by your platform and Stripe does not have visibility into each individual platform's policies or payout schedules. Please reach out to your platform to find out more information.