Who is responsible for chargebacks if I'm a platform using Stripe Connect?

Standard accounts

For charges made on a Standard account directly, the Standard account will be responsible for chargebacks. This means that by default Stripe will attempt to withdraw funds from the Standard account’s balance.

Express and Custom accounts

For platforms that create Express or Custom accounts for its sellers, the platform is ultimately liable for chargebacks. Assuming the charge is made directly on the account, we will first attempt to debit that account. If the balance on your seller’s account is not enough to cover the cost of the chargeback, Stripe will charge you at the platform level.

Platform accounts using the destination parameter

If you are creating charges on the platform using the destination parameter, the platform will be responsible by default for chargebacks, and we will debit the platform’s balance at the time of the chargeback.

Limiting dispute rates

It’s important to keep chargeback rates low for any Stripe account, whether it’s a Platform, Standard, Custom, or Express account.

Disputes tend to be pretty rare—well under 1% of the total charges on an account. Should we ever see a higher dispute rate, or a significant increase in potentially fraudulent activity, we’ll reach out proactively to see how we can help.

For Standard accounts, this will be to that account’s owner. For charges made on a platform account and for charges made directly on Express or Custom accounts, we will reach out to the platform account owner.

You can find more information about avoiding disputes and fraud here.

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