Value-Added Tax (VAT) for European businesses (excluding Ireland, Italy, Norway and Switzerland)

Stripe does not charge Value-Added Tax (VAT) on Stripe fees to businesses located in Europe, except for certain products and services provided to businesses in the following countries:

If you think you may need to self-account for local VAT in your jurisdiction on the products and services received from Stripe, we recommend contacting a tax advisor or accountant for help.

Additional Information

Stripe accounts in certain countries can download tax invoices for the Stripe fees they’ve incurred through the Dashboard. Visit our guide on downloading tax invoices for Stripe fees for more information.

If you’d like to collect VAT or sales taxes from your own customers, head to our guide on charging sales tax, GST, or VAT on payments for more details.

[0] UK VAT will be charged on Stripe Terminal hardware devices shipped to UK-based businesses.