Tax Invoices

Tax invoices are monthly statements of Stripe fees and taxes on Stripe fees that Stripe issues to our customers.

Stripe may collect sales tax, value-added tax (VAT), goods and services tax (GST), or similar indirect tax on Stripe products and services, and the monthly tax invoices detail the fees and taxes charged for each product. Some countries’ tax laws may require Stripe to issue tax invoices to our account holders, which can be used to file tax declarations to claim a tax credit for the tax amounts paid to Stripe. In countries that have a VAT or a similar tax system such as GST, tax invoices are also known as VAT invoices or GST invoices.

Check your country’s specific requirements for receiving your monthly tax invoice, and make sure you’ve provided all the required information in your Stripe account.

In order for Stripe to charge sales tax accurately, please ensure that your business address is up to date. Head to Business Settings in your dashboard to confirm that Stripe has the correct information.

You can update your indirect tax number in the Dashboard, in the Tax Details section under Business Settings.

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