Strong Customer Authentication-Related Preparations for Businesses Created Using Platforms or Plugins


Instructions and guidance on how to prepare for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) if your Stripe account was created using a partner solution.


If you wrote any payments code or downloaded and installed a plugin to use with a partner solution, you will need to update your integration to prepare for new European regulatory requirements called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

Stripe is reaching out to plugin developers to find out if and when they plan to update for SCA. If we can identify that your business uses a partner solution, we will let you know when it is SCA ready so that you can download the latest version.

What You Need To Do

If you have accepted payments through Stripe that are in the scope of SCA regulation, you will have access to a dedicated SCA dashboard. In this dashboard, you will see a list of partner solutions you use and whether or not each plugin is SCA ready. Once a partner solution is SCA ready, we will include a link to the latest version so that you can upgrade.

If your partner solution shows “In Progress”, we are working with the developers and will contact you via email when the partner solution is SCA ready. If your partner solution shows “Not SCA-ready,” we have contacted the developers but do not have a definitive timeline for when it will be SCA ready. You can check back for updates, and we will be in touch if we cannot confirm that the partner will be SCA ready before 14 September so that you can find an alternative solution.

Plugin Not Showing In Dashboard

Plugin developers may or may not include information about their plugin with each payment. If your plugin does not include this data with their payments, we will not know that you use a plugin unless you tell us.

For this reason, we ask that someone with an administrator or developer role on your Stripe account completes the questionnaire to let us know what partner solutions your business uses. We will use this information to reach out to plugin developers and find out if they plan to prepare their plugin for SCA.

Resources and Integration Help

If you need help updating your plugin, or if you are not sure whether your plugin will be ready for SCA, we recommend reaching out to your plugin developer. You can also work with an SCA-ready agency to update your integration or contact us if you have more questions.

If your plugin will not be ready for SCA, we maintain a list of alternative SCA-ready partner solutions.

Additional Information