Stripe iPhone and Android mobile apps

Stripe offers mobile applications for both iPhone and Android devices to allow you to access your Dashboard from your mobile device.

Using the app

You can see payments, customers, subscription plans (iPhone only), transfers, and more in the app. You can also search for particular transactions and refund them if needed.

Push notifications

The iPhone app supports push notifications for account activity and a daily activity summary. The Android app only supports the daily summary notification.


  • Charge creation: You cannot create charges from the Stripe app. If you are interested in capturing charges through your mobile device or point-of-sale system, see Stripe Terminal or other supported third-party integrations.

  • Android app: Push notifications for account activity and accessing Subscription plans are currently not available for Android.

Additional Information

  • You will need to have already created a Stripe account before you can use the app. To register, visit from a web browser.

  • Only live mode transactions will be shown in the app.

  • The app is not currently optimized for use on iPad, but you can still use the iPhone app on an iPad.

  • If you need help with the app, contact Stripe Support.